Save Will Speer

Dear Friends,

We need your help. Will you join the campaign to #SaveWillSpeer, the first Inmate Coordinator for Texas’s Faith Based Program ?

Will Speer is one of the original members of a voluntary, immersive Christian program for people incarcerated on Texas death row. Will has studied Christianity and recommitted his life to God. He was baptized on Father’s Day 2022.

Through the program, Will has developed deep faith and grown to feel sincere remorse for his past and the capital crime for which he is serving a death sentence. His newfound faith and the tools he learned in the program have enabled him to heal from the trauma, neglect, and abuse he experienced as a child.

Just three and a half months ago, Texas named Will Speer as the first Inmate Coordinator for the Death Row Faith Based Program. In this role, he has used his preaching to spread a message of tolerance, healing, and faith to people incarcerated in Texas prisons. 

Now, the State plans to execute him on October 26, 2023. Will you sign the petition to #SaveWillSpeer?

Even with the pressures of a looming execution date, Will continues to lead by example and thrive in his role. He preaches every day at 6 a.m. over the prison radio and provides ministry to other incarcerated people.

Should Will be granted clemency, he hopes to serve the remainder of his sentence in the role of Field Minister, and has the support of current Field Ministers and volunteer chaplains. 

Will you sign the petition and ask Texas to spare the life of this man whose soul Texas has worked so hard to save?

With gratitude,

Burke Butler
Executive Director
Texas Defender Service

P.S. For more on Will’s life and ministry, please watch the  documentary on Youtube below or read his full life story, and learn more about how to help, in our Social Media Toolkit!