Save Ramiro

Dear Friends,

Please help save Ramiro Gonzales. Sign the petition calling on the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles and Governor Abbott to spare his life. 

Ramiro Gonzales is set to be executed by the State of Texas on June 26, 2024, for a murder he committed just a few months after his 18th birthday. Today a profoundly changed person after spending nearly two decades on death row, Ramiro is a living and breathing example of our ability to grow and heal.

As a peer coordinator of Texas’s faith-based program, Ramiro lives a life of contemplation and prayer, having overcome childhood trauma that one expert described as “off the charts.” 

Even the State’s expert from trial now says that he was wrong that Ramiro posed a future danger to society, and he has described Ramiro as “a significantly different person both mentally and emotionally.” Correctional officers, experts, and spiritual leaders are calling on the State of Texas to save his life.

Please join them. Sign the petition to save Ramiro’s life. And then learn more about Ramiro by watching his complete clemency video and visiting Ramiro’s social media toolkit

With gratitude,

Burke Butler
Executive Director
Texas Defender Service