Ramiro’s Execution Has Been Stopped!

Dear Friends:

We have exciting news to share with you tonight: Ramiro Gonzales’s execution has been stopped. Just hours ago, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals stayed Ramiro’s execution, scheduled for Wednesday, because the State’s expert relied on false evidence when he said that Ramiro would be a future danger to society.

Thank you for your support of Ramiro. Thousands raised their voices to say that Ramiro’s execution would be inhumane and unjust. Your support meant the world to us, and to Ramiro. Because of the work of so many – the incredible mitigation specialists at Texas Defender Service, Ramiro’s legal team at the Capital Punishment Clinic at the University of Texas at Austin, and you – Ramiro will live to see another day.

In closing, I want to share the reflections of Randi Chavez, Ramiro’s longtime mitigation specialist and the Deputy Director of Texas Defender Service, about the impact Ramiro has had on her life. Randi has spent the last four years piecing together Ramiro’s traumatic childhood through hundreds of hours of interviews with his family. Earlier today, Randi was preparing herself to watch Ramiro’s execution on Wednesday; now, she is experiencing the joy and relief of knowing her client will live:

I went into this career nearly 20 years ago thinking I’d “change the world.” What I could have never expected was to have my life inspired by so many, including Ramiro. So many of the conversations we had remain etched on my heart and soul. His kindness and empathy have made the world a better place. My friendship with him has made me a better person. He often told me that his continued desire to do better, learn more, and share his love was forged because of those that have loved him in the last few years. Having Ramiro in my corner, praying for me and my family, has been a support I never expected. His kindness, thoughtfulness, humor, and resilience will forever inspire me.

With Gratitude,

Burke Butler
Executive Director
Texas Defender Service