Abraham Will Live

Dear Supporters:

We have two pieces of important news to share with you today. First, our client, Abraham Ahumada, has avoided a death sentence after incredible advocacy by TDS’s mitigation team. Abraham was arrested in 2021 and faced federal charges related to the transportation of undocumented migrants. In February 2023, after the TDS team’s careful work investigating Abraham’s life story, the judge sentenced him to a term of years rather than death. Because of Texas Defender Service’s advocacy, Abraham will live.

And, in truly incredible news, the execution date of Andre Thomas, a blind man living with schizophrenia, has been withdrawn. Thank you to the thousands of you who signed the petition calling for Andre’s life to be saved. Andre is so mentally ill that he has gouged out both his eyes and he has spent the last 15 years living in a psychiatric unit, where he takes multiple psychoactive drugs that are unable to alleviate his symptoms.

As Andre Thomas’s lawyer Maurie Levin said, “Guiding this blind, psychotic man to the gurney for execution offends our sense of humanity and serves no legitimate purpose. Mr. Thomas will remain confined, as he has been, and the public will be kept safe.”

With gratitude,

Burke Butler
Executive Director
Texas Defender Service